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E-SPIN eSTORE for 24x7 products and services information access

Thank you for your interest in visit our eSTORE facility cater for the 24x7 access for e-business and quick access to common trade product and services information. E-SPIN eStore is an electronic commerce platform, part of our Value Chain Services and buying channel that allowing buyer directly buy goods or services over the Internet without an intermediary service either thru the online credit card/Paypal/Wired/Bank to Bank Transfer mode of payment.


Please click on the side bar located at left hand side, click on "Brand" or "Solution" to browse our offering. Depend on your case, you may pick the product and inquiry for the further detail or related professional services, such as installation, training, shipping, maintenance support or customisation services and ask for formal quotation.

Please based on the needed item ask for the up to date formal quote from info(a), as some product part and information may not be in sync real time with all the Manufacturer price. For customer interest to purchase online and make online credit card payment, please ask for the formal quote, we will issue paypal online invoice, upon online payment receive, we will process your order accordingly.


For partner, enterprise, government and military customer that require personalize services, such as formal quotation, receive Purchase Order (PO), Letter of Award (LoA), Government Local Order (LO) and bank to bank wired transfer of payment, please contact info(a) or call our regional general phone (or leave call back message include your contact detail, name, phone and email) for the product and services information.


Yours faithfully,
for E-SPIN The Management and The Staff


Remark: Depend on the product you are interest, please confirm on the order and maky payment first, and it will then subject to clerance before will be process by all our respective supplier end. It is always and can not be real time, due to checking and manual handling process involved, within lot of backend processes. As such, all order will subject to E-SPIN standard delivery turn around time. For urgent order that required immediate or instant order or renewal, please do not contact us for any kind of order in that nature, since it can never able to do in the first place. Upon order is placed with us, we help to process the order, it do not have refund procedure for all the supplier end, you need to follow their standard delivery turn around time.