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E-SPIN Company Profile

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The initial mission of E-SPIN was focused on Enterprise Security Professional on Information and Network to deliver comprehensive range of IT security solutions and related services. When the enterprise customer base grew, so did E-SPIN's product line.

E-SPIN eventually emerged to become Enterprise Solution Professional on Information and Network by delivering more comprehensive range of enterprise ICT Solutions (hardware, software and service), technology products distribution and international trade, IT Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO/ITO) services to serve the marketplace.

Since 2008, E-SPIN has actively expanded the business to oversea with focus solutions represented via strategic alliance and resellers channel of distribution and the company has clients and business from all across the regions from South East Asia (SEA), Great China Region (GRC), South Asia, Middle East, Australia/Oceania countries, and Europe/America.

Today, E-SPIN offerings are poised for even greater growth to obtain continues support by our customers and positive word-of-mouth. The company's focus mainly on delivering end-to-end value adding solutions to our partners, enterprise, government and military customers and act as enterprise one stop solutions center.


Who We Are

Established in 2005, E-SPIN is a private company which stands for Enterprise Solutions Professional on Information and Network that operates as a regional centre in South East Asia (SEA) from Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia, Great China Region (GRC) from Hong Kong/China and perform international trade in nearby conutries.

E-SPIN offer a unique leading approach to Enterprise ICT solutions, distribution and international trade, shared services outsourcing (SSO) with comprehensive breed solutions from respective technology partners combined with experience in house solutions consulting, network and systems integration, distribution and international trade, portal development and application integration, product training, skill certification, project management, maintenance support and outsourcing management services to deliver end-to-end value-added solutions for our partners, enterprise, government and military customers. 


  • To be leading enterprise solution distribution and technology service providers in deliver enabling and value-added solutions for our customer to achieve business technology transformation and to remain competitiveness in their respective marketplace.


  • To deliver end-to-end value-added solutions in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions in combination of our competencies in Consultancy, Distribution, Integration, and Maintenance Support.
E-SPIN Core Domain of Services

Core Values

We are committed to continuously build upon our positional advantage through people, system, process and technology, to further create value in the process of providing quality products and services to our customers. We constantly upgrade ourselves by learning and keeping in view our core values:

  • Open mindset & business system thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Active Contribution
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Enterprising


E-SPIN Group Overview

E-SPIN Group Profile

E-SPIN Group of Companies (E-SPIN) is engaged in providing enterprise technology product value added regional distribution and international trading business. The Company's business is structured around three operating groups, which together consists of shared backoffice, marketing, sales and services (MSS), management group serving in industries and region E-SPIN do business globally. The Company's segment includes Enterprise/Corporation, Government (state and federal, special government agencies, government linked corporation GLC), Resellers. In 2008, E-SPIN started export businesses, 2013 incorporate Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong offices. Follow with 2014 Thailand office, 2015 China and Philippines office.

E-SPIN Group of Companies is a multinational enterprise ICT value added solution distribution and international trading company. Its incorporated headquarter are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (for E-SPIN Sdn Bhd). As of 2015, the company serving clients in more than 11 countries. Some of the local office and business is further local incorporate to extend the local business support and commitment. E-SPIN International Pte Ltd incorporated headquarter in Singapore, provide international trade and running Southeast Asia countries business (except Malaysia). E-SPIN International Limited incorporated headquarter in Hong Kong, provide international trade and running Greater China Region countries business.

With a worldwide presence, E-SPIN continues to build on our member firms’ successes thanks to our clear vision, maintained values, our valuable customer, channel partners and supplier.

E-SPIN Group Global Structure

Each national E-SPIN firm is an independent legal entity and is a member of E-SPIN Group of Companies.

This structure in which the E-SPIN Group provides support services only to the member firms. The member firms provide the services to client. Personnel who work in the Group level position always carry “Group” in front of their position title and had group leadership role, duties and responsibilities to differentiate national member firms position title.

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